Return from Exile


The Book of Ezra is a book of the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Old Testament. It tells the story of the return of the exiled Israelites to the land of Israel after the fall of the Kingdom of Judah to the Babylonians. The book begins with the decree of the Persian King Cyrus, who allows the Israelites to return to their homeland and rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem. It includes the story of Ezra, a priest and scribe who is appointed by the Persian authorities to lead the Israelites in the rebuilding of the Temple and the restoration of the law and worship of God. The book also includes a list of the families and individuals who returned to the land of Israel, as well as a record of the rebuilding of the Temple and the establishment of the Jewish community in Jerusalem. Key figures in the book of Ezra include Ezra, Cyrus, and the Persian officials who supported the rebuilding of the Temple. The book also mentions various other individuals, such as the priests and the Levites, who played a role in the rebuilding and restoration of the Temple and the community

The book of Ezra is a book of the Hebrew Bible, which is part of the Christian Old Testament. It is named after its main character, Ezra, a priest and scribe who led a group of Jews from Babylon to Jerusalem in the 5th century BCE. The book is divided into two parts: the first part (chapters 1-6) tells the story of the return of the Jews to Jerusalem and the rebuilding of the temple, while the second part (chapters 7-10) focuses on Ezra's reforms and the establishment of the Jewish law. The book of Ezra begins with the decree of Cyrus, the Persian king, allowing the Jews to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple. This is followed by the journey of the Jews from Babylon to Jerusalem, led by Sheshbazzar, the prince of Judah. Upon their arrival, the Jews begin to rebuild the temple, but are hindered by their enemies. The book then tells of the arrival of Ezra, who is sent by the king of Persia to help the Jews in their efforts. Ezra brings with him a copy of the law of Moses, which he reads to the people and encourages them to obey. The second part of the book of Ezra focuses on Ezra's reforms. He sets up a system of courts to enforce the law, and encourages the people to observe the Sabbath and other religious festivals. He also encourages the people to marry within their own faith, and to keep the laws of purity. Finally, Ezra leads the people in a ceremony of repentance and renewal, in which they renew their commitment to the law of God. The book of Ezra is an important part of the Hebrew Bible, as it tells the story of the return of the Jews to Jerusalem and the rebuilding of the temple. It also provides an example of how a leader can bring about reform and renewal in a society. The book is also important for its emphasis on the importance of following the law of God, and its reminder that God's laws are to be obeyed.

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Commissioning of Ezra

Ezra, 1

11 verses ● 1 min

Ezra is commissioned by King Artaxerxes to lead the return of the exiles to Jerusalem and to enforce the law.

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Return of the Exiles to Jerusalem

Ezra, 2

70 verses ● 6 min

The list of the exiles who returned to Jerusalem under the leadership of Ezra.

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Rebuild the Altar and Celebrate the Feast of Passover

Ezra, 3

13 verses ● 2 min

The rebuilding of the altar in Jerusalem and the celebration of the feast of Passover.

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Opposition to the Rebuilding

Ezra, 4

24 verses ● 3 min

Opposition to the rebuilding of the temple by the neighboring peoples, including the writing of a letter to King Artaxerxes.

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The Rebuilding Continues

Ezra, 5

17 verses ● 2 min

The rebuilding of the temple continues under the leadership of Ezra and the support of the prophets Haggai and Zechariah.

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Dedication of the Temple

Ezra, 6

22 verses ● 2 min

The dedication of the temple and the celebration of the feast of Tabernacles.

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Ezra's Journey to Jerusalem

Ezra, 7

28 verses ● 3 min

Ezra's journey to Jerusalem and his arrival in the city.

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Ezra's Assembly

Ezra, 8

36 verses ● 4 min

Ezra assembles the exiles to hear the law and to worship.

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Intermarriage with Foreigners

Ezra, 9

15 verses ● 2 min

The problem of intermarriage with foreigners and Ezra's response.

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Repentance and Renewal

Ezra, 10

44 verses ● 4 min

The repentance and renewal of the exiles, including the removal of foreign wives and the celebration of the feast of the Passover.

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Assuming a reader with an average reading speed of 300 WPM reads the Book of Ezra,it would take approximately 24 minutes to finish.

There are 280 verses in the book of Ezra, which is organized into 10 chapters.

The book of Ezra was written within the range of .

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