1 Kings

Divided Kingdom


The Book of 1 Kings is the third book of the Books of the Kings in the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Old Testament. It tells the story of the reigns of the kings of Israel and Judah, beginning with the reign of Solomon, the son of David. The book begins with the story of Solomon's wealth and wisdom, and it includes the story of the construction of the Temple in Jerusalem. However, Solomon's later years are marked by corruption and disobedience to God, and the kingdom begins to decline. After Solomon's death, the kingdom is divided into two separate kingdoms: Israel in the north and Judah in the south. The book also includes the stories of the kings of Israel and Judah, including the good kings who followed God's commands and the bad kings who turned away from God. Key figures in the book of 1 Kings include Solomon, Rehoboam, Ahab, Elijah, and Elisha. The book also mentions various other individuals, such as the prophets and the priests, who served as advisers and leaders for the kings.

The book of 1 Kings is the eleventh book of the Old Testament in the Bible. It is part of the Deuteronomistic History, which includes the books of Joshua, Judges, Samuel, and Kings. The book of 1 Kings covers the period of time from the death of King David to the death of King Solomon. The book of 1 Kings begins with the death of King David and the ascension of his son, Solomon, to the throne. Solomon is anointed king by the prophet Zadok and the priest Nathan. Solomon then sets out to build the temple of the Lord in Jerusalem. He also builds a palace for himself and establishes a strong central government. The book of 1 Kings then focuses on the reign of Solomon. It describes his wisdom and his many accomplishments, including his building of the temple and his establishment of a strong central government. It also describes his many foreign alliances and his great wealth. The book of 1 Kings then turns to the division of the kingdom after Solomon's death. His son, Rehoboam, is made king of the northern kingdom of Israel, while Jeroboam is made king of the southern kingdom of Judah. The book of 1 Kings then follows the history of the two kingdoms, describing their kings, their wars, and their religious practices. The book of 1 Kings ends with the death of King Solomon and the division of the kingdom. It is a book that is full of history, wisdom, and insight into the lives of the kings of Israel and Judah. It is a book that is essential to understanding the history of the Old Testament and the development of the nation of Israel.

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David's Charge to Solomon

1 Kings, 1

53 verses ● 5 min

David charges Solomon, his son, to be faithful to God as he becomes king.

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David's Last Days

1 Kings, 2

46 verses ● 4 min

David reflects on his life and makes final arrangements before his death.

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Solomon's Wisdom and Reign

1 Kings, 3

28 verses ● 3 min

Solomon becomes known for his wisdom and builds a prosperous and peaceful kingdom.

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Solomon's Administrative Wisdom

1 Kings, 4

34 verses ● 3 min

Solomon sets up a wise and efficient system of administration, benefiting Israel.

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Solomon's Building Projects

1 Kings, 5

18 verses ● 2 min

Solomon builds a temple for God, a palace for himself, and many other structures.

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The Construction of the Temple

1 Kings, 6

38 verses ● 4 min

The construction of the temple in Jerusalem is described in detail.

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Solomon's Other Buildings

1 Kings, 7

51 verses ● 5 min

Solomon builds many other structures, including a palace, throne room, and storage buildings.

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The Ark Brought into the Temple

1 Kings, 8

66 verses ● 6 min

The Ark of the Covenant is brought into the temple and dedicated with a great ceremony.

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Solomon's Sin and Decline

1 Kings, 9

28 verses ● 3 min

Despite his initial success, Solomon becomes unfaithful to God and his kingdom begins to decline.

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Queen of Sheba Visits Solomon

1 Kings, 10

29 verses ● 3 min

The Queen of Sheba visits Solomon and is impressed by his wisdom and wealth.

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Solomon's Apostasy

1 Kings, 11

43 verses ● 4 min

Solomon becomes increasingly idolatrous, leading to division in the kingdom after his death.

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Rehoboam's Folly

1 Kings, 12

33 verses ● 3 min

Rehoboam, Solomon's son, refuses to heed the counsel of the older leaders and instead makes demands of the people, leading to a division in the kingdom.

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The Man of God from Judah

1 Kings, 13

34 verses ● 3 min

A man of God from Judah confronts Jeroboam, the northern king, and pronounces judgment on him.

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Ahijah's Prophecy to Jeroboam's Wife

1 Kings, 14

31 verses ● 3 min

Ahijah the prophet prophesies to Jeroboam's wife about the future of the kingdom.

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Abijam's Reign in Judah

1 Kings, 15

34 verses ● 3 min

Abijam becomes king of Judah and continues the sins of his father.

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The Reign of Baasha in Israel

1 Kings, 16

34 verses ● 3 min

Baasha becomes king of Israel and continues in the sins of Jeroboam.

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Elijah and the Widow of Zarephath

1 Kings, 17

24 verses ● 3 min

Elijah is sustained by God during a famine and performs miracles, including raising a boy from the dead.

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Elijah Confronts Ahab and Baal

1 Kings, 18

46 verses ● 4 min

Elijah confronts Ahab and the prophets of Baal in a dramatic showdown on Mount Carmel.

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Elijah Flees from Jezebel

1 Kings, 19

21 verses ● 2 min

Elijah flees from Jezebel after she threatens his life.

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Ahab's Wars

1 Kings, 20

43 verses ● 4 min

Ahab continues his idolatry and goes to war against Ben-hadad, the king of Syria.

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Naboth's Vineyard

1 Kings, 21

29 verses ● 3 min

Ahab wants Naboth's vineyard and Jezebel arranges for him to be falsely accused and executed.

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Ahab and Jehoshaphat Against Syria

1 Kings, 22

53 verses ● 5 min

Ahab and Jehoshaphat, the king of Judah, join forces against Syria, but Ahab is killed in the battle.

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Assuming a reader with an average reading speed of 300 WPM reads the Book of 1 Kings,it would take approximately 9 minutes to finish.

There are 816 verses in the book of 1 Kings, which is organized into 22 chapters.

The book of 1 Kings was written within the range of .

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