Joshua, 8

Joshua, 8

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Joshua 8 is a chapter that recounts the Israelites’ victory over the city of Ai. After the Israelites had been defeated by Ai in the previous chapter, Joshua and the Israelites devise a plan to take the city. The plan involves a small group of men to ambush the city from the rear while the rest of the army feigns retreat. This plan is successful and the Israelites are able to take the city. The chapter also contains a number of other important events. Joshua builds an altar to the Lord and offers sacrifices to Him. He also sets up a large stone as a reminder of the covenant between the Lord and the Israelites. Finally, the chapter ends with the Israelites taking the city of Ai and destroying it. This chapter is an important reminder of the power of God and His faithfulness to His people. The Israelites were able to take the city of Ai because of the Lord’s help. This is a reminder that God is always with us and will help us in times of need. It is also a reminder that we should always be faithful to Him and trust in His plans for us.


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Joshua, 8


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