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Bible Verses about Safety - Finding Comfort in God's Protection

In times of danger or uncertainty, turning to God's word can provide a sense of comfort and safety. From the Old Testament to the New Testament, there are countless verses that emphasize the importance of seeking protection in God's love. Whether you're struggling with fear, anxiety, or physical threats, prayers and meditations on scripture can help you to find strength and hope in the face of adversity. Explore our collection of Bible verses about safety and protection, and draw inspiration from the timeless wisdom of the scriptures.

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Safety in the Bible

7 Bible Scriptures about Safety

When thou buildest a new house, then thou shalt make a battlement for thy roof, that thou bring not blood upon thine house, if any man fall from thence.

Deuteronomy, Chapter: 22, Verse: 8

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And the LORD sent Jerubbaal, and Bedan, and Jephthah, and Samuel, and delivered you out of the hand of your enemies on every side, and ye dwelled safe.

1 Samuel, Chapter: 12, Verse: 11

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And the king of Israel sent to the place which the man of God told him and warned him of, and saved himself there, not once nor twice.

2 Kings, Chapter: 6, Verse: 10

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And men shall dwell in it, and there shall be no more utter destruction; but Jerusalem shall be safely inhabited.

Zechariah, Chapter: 14, Verse: 11

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And said unto them, Sirs, I perceive that this voyage will be with hurt and much damage, not only of the lading and ship, but also of our lives.

Acts, Chapter: 27, Verse: 10

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Which when they had taken up, they used helps, undergirding the ship; and, fearing lest they should fall into the quicksands, strake sail, and so were driven.

Acts, Chapter: 27, Verse: 17

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And the rest, some on boards, and some on broken pieces of the ship. And so it came to pass, that they escaped all safe to land.

Acts, Chapter: 27, Verse: 44

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