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Bible Verses About Health - Promoting Spiritual and Physical Well-Being

As believers, our pursuit of inner peace and harmony with God goes hand in hand with our physical well-being. The Bible contains numerous verses that speak of the importance of taking care of our bodies, minds, and spirits. These scriptures provide guidance on how to achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle, addressing issues such as stress, anxiety, illness, and addiction. Whether you're seeking inspiration or looking for practical advice, these Bible verses about health can help you on your journey to a healthier and happier life.

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Health in the Bible

7 Bible Scriptures about Health

And all the Egyptians digged round about the river for water to drink; for they could not drink of the water of the river.

Exodus, Chapter: 7, Verse: 24

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It is an old leprosy in the skin of his flesh, and the priest shall pronounce him unclean, and shall not shut him up: for he is unclean.

Leviticus, Chapter: 13, Verse: 11

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The leprosy therefore of Naaman shall cleave unto thee, and unto thy seed for ever. And he went out from his presence a leper as white as snow.

2 Kings, Chapter: 5, Verse: 27

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His flesh shall be fresher than a child's: he shall return to the days of his youth:

Job, Chapter: 33, Verse: 25

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For they are life unto those that find them, and health to all their flesh.

Proverbs, Chapter: 4, Verse: 22

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We looked for peace, but no good came; and for a time of health, and behold trouble!

Jeremiah, Chapter: 8, Verse: 15

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And a certain woman, which had an issue of blood twelve years,

Mark, Chapter: 5, Verse: 25

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