Leviticus, 14

Leviticus, 14

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Leviticus 14 is a chapter that outlines the process of cleansing a person who has been afflicted with a skin disease. This chapter begins with the Lord speaking to Moses and Aaron, instructing them on how to cleanse a person who has been afflicted with a skin disease. The Lord instructs Moses and Aaron to take two birds, cedar wood, scarlet yarn, and hyssop, and use them to perform a cleansing ritual. The ritual involves killing one of the birds and dipping the other bird in its blood, along with the cedar wood, scarlet yarn, and hyssop. The bird is then released into the open field. The person who has been afflicted with the skin disease is then to be washed with water and sprinkled with the blood of the bird. The person is then declared clean. This chapter is significant because it shows the importance of ritual cleansing in the ancient Israelite culture. It also shows the importance of following the instructions of the Lord, as the ritual must be performed exactly as instructed in order for the person to be declared clean. This chapter also serves as a reminder of the power of God, as it is only through His power that a person can be cleansed of their affliction.


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Leviticus, 14


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